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Mosaique, Galaxie Cygnus A

   In 1981 Robert Schroeder's third l-p Mosaique was released. Like any previous production Mosaique also had its independent style and sound with lots of variety. Mosaique distinctively contrasted with that time's typical "electronic music". This time Mosaique-CoverRobert combined the styles of "the old electronic school" with the timbre of "real" instruments (drums, guitar, bass, synthesizer) played by "real" musicians. This basic scheme has been successfully tested on Harmonic Ascendant, however at that time harmonic electronic had been combined with cello, guitar and piano. Though Mosaique is rhythmic, experimental and completely different in sound. A new sound.

On the occasion of the world-renowned ARS-Electronica in Linz, Austria, in 1982 the l-pGalaxie Cygnus A-Cover Galaxie Cygnus A had been produced and released. Also, Galaxie Cygnus A was the title of a multimedia show, an optic-acustical event with a view into space. Robert Schroeder first performed this event together with a German science fiction author on 1982s ARS-Electronica in Linz. It was broadcasted via Austrian and German TV. Galaxie Cygnus A is the interpretation and composition of "noise" of the same named radio galaxy in the constellation of the swan. The flicker noise of this 1.05 billion light years distant radio galaxy has been received and recorded with the world's largest manoeuvrable radio telescope in Effelsberg/Eifel, Germany.

This has been Schroeder's first performance abroad.

Pegasus, Paradise, Skywalker

   Also in 1982/83 he made the controversial music Pegasus. Pegasus was released in 1990 on IC label which has not been controlled anymore by Klaus Schulze since 1983. Pegasus is not authorized by Robert as a "Schroeder"-release because the time it has been made (1982/83) Pegasus should be an insert as book-mc. Moreover, Pegasus ought to be a pseudonym for Schroeder and not the work's title. Musically, Pegasus is thoroughly acceptable for Robert. But for a 1982 product indeed! However, the artist himself does not regard Pegasus as a regular "Schroeder" release, as this project neither was intended to be a regular solo product in 1982, nor was it acceptable as a solo release as a 1990 publication. Now, it is a 1982 Sound!

The Synthesizer and today's studio electronic is an instrument with immeasurable flexibility for Robert Schroeder. This encourages him to use it as flexible and immeasurable. The possiblities of technical variety entices the musician Robert to use this variety licentiously.

That's why he produced once in a while music groups playing commercial but "electronically" oriented pop, disco and rock music. E. g. he produced Charly-B (a Neue Deutsche Welle band) or made the synthesizer programming in the Tora-production of John Capac (producer of Supertramp and Diana Ross).

Paradise (1983) is the fifth solo l-p of the Aachen artist. It clearly Paradise-Cover (click for more info) reveals Robert Schroeder's thoughts on a "different way of electronic music". The style of his published music permanently changes. Robert:

"A maturing musician constantly passes a development: he looks for himself. However, distinct characteristics, the artist's peculiarities remain from the very beginning. They stabilize more and more in correspondence with the artist. He finds himself."

Paradise is indeed differently but typically Robert Schroeder.

Skywalker-CoverSkywalker is sweeping dance music, a re-mix from the l-p Paradise. Published in 1983 as 7" single and 12" maxi-single the audience was delighted. That's how many more radio broadcasts and live performances at home and abroad as well as TV performances in Germany succeeded. In a coproduction of German broadcasting station WDR and Schroeder a spectacular Skywalker TV special with a 13 people ballet took place on August, 18th 1983 ("Showstart" with Jürgen von der Lippe). The choreography was done by Louis Bartoletto from New York. Schroeder's continuesly rising popularity enabled new ways for the "young artist from Aachen".

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