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   This Web site is dedicated to the wonderful realm of electronic music and intends to inform about artists of electronic music (e-m) and e-m in general. This is done either by linking to distant sites or -and that's what I am trying to set up- by providing own texts. If you would like to know what electronic music the way I understand is have a look at this site's FAQ, please.

   Since it is my purpose to inform the interested people about the artists I am trying to provide an index that is as complete as possible.

   If possible, the artists portraits that I created contain a complete listing of all works done so far.


   There are always some questions left to a site. Here you will get first aid: the "obligatory" collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this site.

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   Please, also visit a partner site of mine caring a lot about electronic music too:

SynGate (former platform of KLEM - Kontakt Liefhebbers Electronische Muziek - Club for Lovers of Electronic Music)


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Alphabetical order of links to the music artists' info including my info.
Though there are quite a few links here I don't pursue the habit of collecting "tons of links" for it's much more important to have good and working links than a huge list of them.

YOU can act too

   As you can see, the content of this page is my opinion (unless other stated). Do you have any suggestions, additions or corrections to this site?
   Please, don't hesitate to
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   If you see a link on my Web pages that does not exist anymore (most often returning a 404 Error - page does not exist), please:

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    Though entering
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    The search results may be different. Test the first and the second example.
  4. Remember, it's not easy to keep an eye on every Web link included here.
    If a link appears to be obsolete or defunct please let me know.
    I will fix it as soon as possible. But please note, I create these Web pages on my own with no profit.

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