PEGASUS - a c-d, many rumours and just one truth

First of all, Pegasus has not been released by the artist. The original music of Pegasus has been composed, recorded and produced in 1982 solely by Robert Schroeder. The 58 minutes long opus was produced as a book-mc insert for Michael Weisser. Though, this book-mc has never been released as intended. Despite Schroeder's several written interdicts, Mr. Michael Weisser preferred to release this 1982 Schroeder music in 1990 as a "brand new solo work" of Schroeder on c-d.

Mr. Weisser not only intentionally misrepresented the product Pegasus. He also cut the original 58 minutes of Pegasus down to approximately 38 minutes and inserted around 12 minutes to it of an outside artist from the US. This all new work was then released as the "Robert Schroeder/Pegasus" by Michael Weisser. Soon after its release Robert Schroeder managed to take it off sale.

After that, a new release followed without the inserted part with a total length of 38 minutes. These 38 minutes tie up with Schroeder's original 1982 music. Anyhow, for Schroeder this is an illegal and not authorized c-d. Therefore, Pegasus isn't a regular solo release of the artist and thus isn't his tenth album.