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   Between his solo releases he made various commercial music projects. This included excellent advertising and presentation music for companies like Atari-Computer. At that time, in 1984, the cassette tape "Die Story der Final Legacy" (The story of the Final Legacy) was made. Furthermore, he was active part of the developer team for the Japanese company Seiko, which invited Robert to Tokyo in 1984.

Mid of 1984, after five years of cooperation the contractual liability between Robert Schroeder and the IC label expired. His new label became da-music GmbH (Deutsche Austrophon GmbH). Schroeder's back catalogue was assumed by da-music GmbH. So it could be offered continuously.

The maxi single Black Out / Galactic Floor from 1984 was the first product in this new cooperation. It was a musical continuation and development of Skywalker, thus dancable, rhythmic electronic pop without voice.

In 1984 two more Schroeder releases were launched: On the one hand, the release of the Paradise production on a compact disk (l-p release 1983), which was Schroeder's first c-d, and on the other hand the release of his sixth solo production Computer Voice, as a l-p and a c-d.

Computer Voice is kind of a chronicle of Schroeder's up-to-date music. This new recording is a fusion of his best by then released music with new compositions and a Computer Voice-Covernew sound. Like before, Computer Voice is on the edge between experimental, spherical electronic and rhythmic pop music.

In its 10/84 issue, the music magazine Spotlight called Schroeder a chameleon. Guest performer on Computer Voice were guitarist Charly Buechel and bass player Micki Meuser (formerly played with Ideal and Ina Deter).

Brain Voyager

   Robert Schroeder's seventh release Brain Voyager opened the eyes and ears of many people, because Brain Voyager is a special medium. It is the film music of the 1985 German 3D film. The Tieck novel "Des Lebens Überfluß" (Life's abundance) has been adapted for the screen, which once has been broadcasted on one of Germany's TV broadcasting stations (ZDF). Its title was "Glücksgedanken" (Fortunate notion) and the leading role was played by WDR presenter of Schwingungen Winfried Trenkler.

Schroeder gave this new production process "space" in the true sense of the word. Brain Voyager is the first c-d release world wide with music recordings in the so called dummy head technology (artificial head technology). Dummy head and digital, these were the formula for crystal clear super sound of this opus. Soft electronic music transposed with classical elements finds a really distinct spatial character by this way of recording. Sounds are perceptible all around. The appropriate technology, the so called "Aachen Dummy Head", has been developped by Dr. Genuit from the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH-Aachen).

Brain Voyager was and is an outstanding and remarkable production. German media and hifi freaks soon noticed it: This c-d got best score in Audio magazine in 1986, namely "Hifi reference c-d!"

With Brain Voyager Robert Schroeder soon became well known abroad too. Thereupon, license agreements with companies in the US, Brazil, Canada, Great Britain and Australia followed.

Brain Voyager-Cover (click for more info)

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