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Robert's beginnings in electronic music
   Robert Schroeder was born on May 20th 1955 in Aachen, Germany. In his youth, he was mainly interested in technics and electrical engineering although he tended to music too.

13 years old, Robert Schroeder got his first musical instrument. It was a guitar, with which he picked up first experiences and it roughly formed his taste of music. Soon after, it was obvious that he has been more interested in experimental sounds. He eagerly tried to implement these with alienated guitar sounds into current rock music.

In 1970 he stopped playing to devote himself more to electronics and electrical engineering - certainly during his leasure time since he was still in school until about 1972. The next 4 years Schroeder specialized in developing and production of electronic music equipment.

From 1974 on, both, his interests in music and electrical engineering created new, more specific ideas on "experimental and spheric music". Inspired by musicians and groups like Pink Floyd, Kraftwerk, Klaus Schulze, Can, and even Deep Purple or Emerson Lake & Palmer he consolidated his own independent style of music and sound using individually tailored, developped and produced synthesizer systems.

Harmonic Ascendant, Floating Music
   In 1978 Robert Schroeder got first serious contact with professional music. His activities in the development of electronic equipment for recording studios decisively laid the foundations for his career.

1978 Robert's son "Klaus" was born. Robert liked Klaus Schulze to be his godfather.

A friendship arose. In 1978 Robert Schroeder signed his first contract at IC label which was founded the same year by Klaus Schulze.

In 1979 Robert Schroeder's debut Harmonic Ascendant-Coveralbum Harmonic Ascendant has been released. It was a real success. Although this style of music has been rather unpopular Harmonic Ascendant caused quite a stir. It has even been mentioned abroad. Just in Germany more than 10,000 l-p's (!) have been sold. The presse said:

"A small splash for German conditions"
(Headline of Aachener Volkszeitung (local newspaper Aachen), 1980)

"Place No. 2"
(Medien Bestenliste (Media Highscore), BRD, 1980),

"A renewal in romantic music"
(21i, Swizzerland, 1980).

A year later, in 1980, Schroeder continued his success with a second l-p called Floating Music. German music magazines like Sounds and Spotlight stated, Floating Music-Coverthat this one became one of the best records in electronic music. "Musik Express" stated in its April 1981 edition: "The second record Floating Music of Aachens romantic electronic technician [. . .] became, like expected, once again a soundtrack for esthetes. Music like a look into the deep black night, into the glowing blue eyes of a pretty woman, into a glass full of fiery red wine, for a jaunt through the countryside, for resting out in the open..."

On the "International Music Exposition" (SIM) in Italy even the cover of Floating Music was elected the best cover of the 1984.

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