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   On November 20th, 1993, the 93 KLEMdag in Nijmegen (NL), the Aachen sound artist released his 74 minute opus Mindwalk. Mindwalk is a detailed work, made in more than two years. The eleventh solo album partly consists of rhythmic melodic intrumental tracks (synthesizer, drums, guitar) and partly consists of sphere, meditation and soundscapes.

Some tracks have been specially composed for live performances. They were created from the 1990 Mindwalk concert "Schwingungen Live - Nachtmusik im WDR" in Cologne on March 3rd, 1990.

This concert's repertoire has been reconstruct, re-recorded, completed and produced. It was the intention to catch the athmosphere and the mood of this live concert in fine studio sound without the unwelcomed side effects. Rather than the audience's mood, the musicians' mood ought to come over on this c-d, this "feeling" should be transferred.

Mindwalk also contains a Skywalker-remake, which is in its ninth version on this c-d. Skywalker (1983) is one of the most popular tracks on Schroeder's live concerts. The "dream-shocker" "Guitronic" takes up a special place in Schroeder's Mindwalk concert and on the c-d. "Guitronic" doesn't fit well with the existing cliché "electronic music". "Guitronic" is hard, brutal and aggressive, a "dream-shocker", an experiment. On the Cologne Mindwalk concert Schroeder's live guitarist Charly Buechel revealed true artistic guitar play. As a result, due to the audience's reaction this track was the evening's best and had to be part of the c-d.

But Mindwalk consists of nine tracks, that neither have been played live, nor ever have been released before.

Mindwalk-Cover (click for more info)"Follow Me", walking absent-mindedly, gently floating, forget about everything. Klaus Schulze said about Schroeder's music:

"If there is any contemporary romantic music, then it is the music of Robet Schroeder."

With Mindwalk tracks like "Follow Me" or "From a Distance" Schroeder does justice to this effect. "Impressions" is fresh rhythm'n'sound.

Old analogue sequencer sounds combined with modern drum-sets, memorable guitar sounds and 136 bpm gets the fantasy going, impression are freed.

Everdreams / future plans

   For the 1994 KLEMdag on October 8th, 1994 in Nijmegen, NL, Robert Schroeder released the Everdreams c-d. He did not just release this c-d though, but presented it at the same time: He was one of the musicians performing on that KLEMdag. Certainly, for Robert Schroeder presenting does not simply mean to put it on act, but to emphasize his music with two performance dancers on stage (Edy Reimann & Alexa Kreuzer). It has been a spectacular concert like no other. Moreover, what has been so special about this concert was the spacious light show around with exceptional effects.

Everdreams-Cover (click for more info)Everdreams is Schroeder's 12th album. It is timeless synthesizer instrumental music, evergreens of electronic music. "Big Ocean" opens the 73 minute longplay c-d. It is the musical conversion of the freedom of the oceans. A look out on the ocean attunes contemplative, lets you dream and gets you a wanderlust. Daydreaming and spherical excursions invite for a mind-journey as well as the pulsing tracks of the sound artist Robert Schroeder. Everdreams offers a varied musical range, from meditation to sweeping rhythm.

Everdreams guest musicians are guitarist Christian Guth (guitarist of the group Warlock) and Horst Schippers, percussions.

Now and then, Robert also composes advert jingles for a local radio station in Aachen.

What are Robert Schroeder's plans for the future?

He planned to release a demo c-d called D.MO comprising tracks of previous demo versions of Robert. This one is in preparation. So, let's wait and see. . .

Upshot for me: The music of Robert Schroeder does not come to a standstill in its style. His music constantly develops, but anytime it's a typical Robert Schroeder.

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