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Editor: Jörg Saretzki This is an English edition only (unless other stated)


   There are always some questions left to a site. Here you will get first aid: the obligatory collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this site (everything you always wanted to know about. . .).
   As you can see, this FAQ is still small but more information will surely be added future. BTW, this FAQ is also a RAQ (rarely asked questions):-D


1. What is electronic music (e-m)?
2. Web pages
2.1 Why did your pages move?
2.2 What happend to the OlibeM pages?
2.3 Why don't you write the texts in italics anymore?
2.4 Why are your pages so stylish?
2.5 I can see your web pages only in black and white. Is my monitor defect?
2.6 Can I switch the display to colour?
2.7 I remarked, your Web pages aren't updated often...

1. What is electronic music?
   Is it, as some would say (maybe disparagingly?), computer music?

   At least in part.

   It would be better to say that it is music with the help of a computer.

   People may feel disturbed by the term computer, which could equal machine, which could equal without own (personal) creativity.

   In general, electronic music is instrumental music. This leads to people wrongly calling it instrumental music. In some cases, electronic music also covers the marginal types of New Age or Minimal Music -- assuming that there are electronic instruments in general.

   To give all readers who cannot associate anything with electronic music, I'll briefly quote an explanation of it given by KLEM, the Dutch "Association for Contact between People fond of Electronic Music":

»With Electronic Music we mean music as it is being made by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Neuronium, Michael Garrison and many, many others.«

   According to this, you must at least know the music of at least one of these musicions. It isn't just synthesizer music like "Best of Beatles on Synthesizer", "Silent Night, Holy Night on Synthesizer", or "Synthesizer at its Best" -- I hope you know what I mean. Instead, it is like with any other type of music the mixture of melodies, rhythm, composition, arrangement, theme and interpretation of the music on the one hand and interpretation by synthesizer/music computer on the other.

   Then, why is it so hard to define e-m? Is it possible to define where, for example, rock music ends and pop music starts? If this is possible then delineating e-m isn't that easy. That is because e-m is so various.

   I'm certain that e-m is presently the most varied style of any music. It covers almost any style of conventional music like classical music, jazz, rock, pop.

   Moreover, electronic music itself created a very unique style, which is typical in all e-m.

   Composers of other music directions weren't less imaginative, but they didn't have the approprite equipment.

   Because electronic music offers something for every taste, I agree with the presenter of the popular German radio programme Schwingungen (oscillations), who stated:

»The potential audience of electronic music is by far larger than it is now.«

   If this is the case, listen to it!

2.1 Why did your pages move?
   Good you asked this question!

   My former provider, the Technical University of Aachen (RWTH Aachen), Germany, preferred to close all students' web sites at once! Officially (please note this was only the official reason!) it has been said that some image and name copyright violations forced them to close down all the sites before lawyers sue for it. If I could just add an insignificant (rhetorical) question: Would it have been too utopian for a technical university with a large staff and approx. 35,000 students to hand out declarations to the web site creators to sign that we are responsible and liable for our contents? Probably (officially) yes.

   Infact though, the truth behind that topic was that this university has been criticized by some students who just used their right of freedom of expression. Certainly, this could not have been the official reason. . . What a disgrace!

   Officials said, that if students really would like to have thier own web site they could also pay for it. . . Oops!

   Luckily, there are free offers too! So, please continue to use this offer. Thanks to my provider at this time!

   My former published e-mail is still valid, though. You will find an e-mail link on every page's bottom.

2.2 What happend to the OlibeM pages?
   Some of you know I have had some web pages on electronic music before (see 2.1). They have been called OlibeM (Online information board for electronic music). Since I renewed my pages I gave it a new name too. And I think it is more appropriate now: E-MUSIC DIRECTORY.

   It focuses on listing info on electronic music artists and electronic music in general. Read point 1. above to get to know what electronic music is.

   So, generally the OlibeM-pages are merged into this project but whereas OlibeM has been available bilingually (German and English) the E-MUSIC DIRECTORY is mainly supposed to be in English.

2.3 Why don't you write the texts in italics anymore?
   I like italics or oblique fonts, though as you can see it's hard to read on the Web! :-(
2.4 Why are your pages so stylish?
   Quite simple: Design :^)
2.5 I can see your web pages only in black and white. Is my monitor defect?
   Either your monitor or. . .
2.6 Can I switch the display to colour?    So far there is no plug-in. . .
2.7 I remarked, your Web pages aren't updated often...    Yes *sob*

   I have only limited time to for leisure -- very limited indeed. Please, be patient and come back soon though.

|||||||| NedStat
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