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Sakamoto, Ryuichi
Private Fan Site (Kai Seidler)

Salzani, Anselmo
Official Site [English/Brazilian]

Sandroff, Howard
Official Site

Schmoelling, Johannes
Private Fan Site (Jonas Wårstad)

Schnitzler, Conrad
Private Fan Site - "The Edge"

Schroeder, Robert
Private Fan Site (Jörg Saretzki) - This site!

Schulze, Klaus
Official Site [English/German]
Private Fan Site
Entry at: Perfect Sound Forever Private Fan Site - "Klaus Schulze FAQ"

Serrie, Jonn
Entry at: Video Image Productions

Shreeve, Mark
Official Site (Sonic Images)

Private Fan Site
Private Fan Site (Alexander Kanavin)

Space Project
Official Site

Stay Frightened
Official Site

Stearns, Michael
Official Site

Stone Idols
Official Site

Story, Tim
Private Fan Site - "The Edge"

Subotnick, Morton
Official Site (New Albion Records)

Symphony 2000
Official Site

Official Site (Groove Unlimited)

Synergy (Larry Fast)
Official Site

Synthetic Block » Jonathan Block
Official Site

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