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1. What is electronic music (e-m)?

1. What is electronic music?
   Is it, as some would say, computer music?

   At least in part.

   Yet it might be better to say that it is music with the help of a computer.

   People may feel confused by the term computer, which could equal machine, which could equal without personal creativity.

   In general, electronic music is instrumental music. This leads to people wrongly calling it instrumental music. In some cases, electronic music also covers the marginal types of New Age, Minimal Music or Easy Listening Music -- assuming that there are electronic instruments in general.

   The Dutch Association "Contact for Lovers of Electronic Music" (KLEM) described electronic music as followed:

»With Electronic Music we mean music as it is being made by Klaus Schulze, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Kitaro, Neuronium, Michael Garrison and many, many others.«

   However, you must know the music of at least one of these musicians. It isn't just synthesizer music like "Best of Beatles on Synthesizer", "Silent Night, Holy Night on Synthesizer", or "Synthesizer at its Best". Instead, like any other type of music it is the mixture of melodies, rhythm, composition, arrangement, theme and interpretation of the music on the one hand and interpretation by synthesizers and music computers on the other.

   Then, why is it so hard to define e-m? Is it possible to define where, for example, rock music ends and pop music starts? If this is possible then delineating e-m isn't that easy. That is because e-m is so various.

   Since it is possible to vitually imitate any tone, voice and instrument by synthesizers, electronic music is presently the most varied style of any music. It covers almost any style of conventional music like classical music, jazz, rock, pop. Moreover, electronic music itself created a very unique style, which is typical in all e-m.

   That does not mean that composers of other music directions were or are not less imaginative. Synthesizers are just an extension of the instrumental scope.

   Because electronic music offers something for every taste, what the presenter, Winfrid Trenkler, of the popular German radio programme Schwingungen (oscillations) said, might just be too true:

»The potential audience of electronic music is by far larger than it is now.«

   If this is the case, listen to it!

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