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   There are always some questions left to a site, and here you will get first aid: the obligatory collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about this site (everything you always wanted to know about. . .).
   As you can see, this FAQ is still small but more information might surely be added future. BTW, this FAQ is also a RAQ (rarely asked questions):-D


1. What is electronic music (e-m)?
2. Link to my Web site!
3. About the Web pages
3.1 Why did your pages move?
3.2 What happend to the OlibeM pages?
3.3 Why don't you write the texts in italics anymore?
3.4 Why are your pages so stylish?
3.5 I can see your web pages only in black and white. Is my monitor defect?
3.6 Can I switch the display to colour?
3.7 I noticed your Web pages aren't updated frequently...

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