Up to now, Double Fantasy, the original band, released one l-p/c-d. This has been in 1986. Its title is Universal Ave. Any other productions with similar names released by a label from Hamburg have nothing to do with Double Fantasy, which is the original consisting of Dreamstar and Charly McLion.

Double Fantasy's new productions of the Aachen label of Robert Schroeder (NEWS music) couldn't be released so far. This is because of miscellaneous, partly by media published problems with this label from Hamburg.

Since 1994 though, there's nothing to stop a release. The productions of the second album have been finished.

Certainly, Double Fantasy's members are still the same, Dreamstar and Charly McLion. Also, the musical style remains the same. Merely, the name changed from Double Fantasy to Food for Fantasy.

Those, who didn't get lost up to now on the long way along the Universal Avenue, already could have seen and listened to the new space production of ex-Double Fantasy.