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Everdreams is instrumental synthsizer music - timeless evergreens of electronic music. This 73 minutes longplay starts with "Big Ocean", which symbolizes the liberty of the sea. The view over the ocean makes you thoughtful, lets you dream and takes you into the distance. As much as the pulsing tracks on this 12th solo production of the german sound artists Robert Schroeder meditative and spherical excursions invite you to a brain voyage. This cd is produced in high sound quality standard and includes a wide spectrum of music - from meditation of exciting rhythm. (words from the c-d's cover)

NEWS CD-11.012 ADD  
Track listing
  1.   Big Ocean   11'54  
2. Synbeats 5'24
3. Lost In Time 11'31
4. Everdreams 6'20
5. The Art Of Moovin' 7'17
6. Visionable 12'21
7. Smoothing Shadows 3'58
8. Rotary E-Motion 8'03
9. Wow 5'28

    total   72'27

all tracks composed and arranged 1994 by R. Schroeder
played, recorded and mixed 1994 by R. Schroeder at NEWSOUND-studio, Aachen
keyboards, electronics: Robert Schroeder
guest musician: Christian Guth

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