Radio Massacre International
Official Site
Official Site
Entry at: KLEM Bavaria
Rath, D. Andrew
Official Site
Rapp, Volker » Demo Art
Official Site (Groove Unlimited)
Reaves, Giles
Official Site
Official Site
Official Site
Entry at: Sonic Art [English/German]
Rich, Robert » Amoeba
Entry at: Amoeba
Roach, Steve
Official Site
Entry at: Projekt
Roedelius, Hans Joachim
Official Site
Private Fan Site - "The Edge"
Ron, Yuval
Entry at: Simulacra Records
Rothe, Walter Christiaan
Official Site
Rudich, Arik
Private Fan Site (Ariel Brosh)
Ruff, Dennis
Official Site
Entry at: The Classical Music Archives
Entry at: The Classical MIDI Connection

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