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Electric Music
Entry at: New World Destruction
Electric Potatoes
Official Site
Element 4 » Brainwork
Official Site [German]
Eleven Shadows
Entry at: AdAstra-Records
Emerson, Lake and Palmer
Official Site
Private Fan Site - "ELP Digest"
Official Site
Eaton, Roy
Official Site (Seventh Wave)
Emmanuel, Daniel
Official Site
Emmens, Gert
Entry at: Quantum Productions
Private Fan Site (Joar Grimstvedt)
Eno, Brian
Private Fan Site - "EnoWeb"
Private Fan Site - "Selected Discography"
Private Fan Site: - "The Edge"
Entry at: The Rough Guide to Rock
Entry at: AD Music
Private Fan Site (Enya Brasil) [Portugese]
Private Fan Site (David Allum)
Private Fan Site (Enya Webpage Club) - more links there
Private Fan Site ()
Official Site (Underwater Music)
Everything must go
Entry at: IUMA

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